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                                                               US Air rated as worst airline in America ... again  

                                                               According to the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index by the University of Michigan,

                                                               the Tempe, Ariz.-based airline's satisfaction, ranked dead last.


                                                               Consumers Report in a recent survey rated US Air, already at the bottom,

                                                               had dropped by an astounding ten percent further in quality.

                                                               The Today/Zagat Airline Survey has also rated US Airways as the worst airline overall in the United States.

                                                               According to the Washington Post, US Airways has a very poor record of addressing customer complaints,

                                                               answering only 50% of the telephone calls to its customer service department.  Our agents have actually found it

                                                               impossible to reach customer service by phone. We've been trying to contact them by such means for the

                                                               past fourteen months with not a single success.  (866-523-5333 - good luck)   We were directly told that US Air

                                                               has instructed its employees (under threat of termination) not to give out any contact information, for any of the companies officers.

                                                               You've got to imagine the sheer number of faxed and emailed complaints going unresolved ........


                                                               (Even as far back as the 70's this carrier had earned the nickname "Agony Air" due to customer dissatisfaction with its service.)

                                                               Overall, customers gave airlines the worst grades since 2001 as the industry's scores fell for the third straight year.

                                                               US Airways registered the biggest decline in 2007,  experiencing double-digit percentage drops.

                                                               (Is anyone who flies US Air surprised?)



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