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                                                        Is the TSA actually compiling it's own porn collection?  


                                                        The TSA use of bodies scanners has a track record of misuse, and now the U.S. Marshals Service

                                                        has announced that it surreptitiously stored tens of thousands of images at a single Florida courthouse.

                                                        While the TSA says that their images will not be stored, why is that ability (never disclosed until now) even

                                                        built in the machines?


                                                        At a U.S. airport, several TSA employees, while undergoing training, printed out a copy of a scan of a

                                                        fellow employee and passed it around and even posted on walls where the employee would see it.

                                                        Another TSA employee in Miami, who went through the body scan had it reveal that

                                                        "nature had treated him in an unkind way" and that image was used by a co-worker to taunt him.

                                                        To the point of physical violence ... the humiliated victim attacked his tormentor with a police baton

                                                        and was arrested. This is the only arrest directly attributed to the intrusive scan.    


                                                        The new scanners are essentially millimeter wave length X-rays, which photograph the traveler in the nude.


                                                        Since the introduction of the test scanners at airports, not a single terrorist has been caught with this technology.

                                                        Additionally, the scanners are useless against binary explosives and composite material, edged weapons

                                                        which can be easily carried onto an aircraft in carry-on baggage..


                                                        Despite the failings of the machine and the unprecedented privacy violations, Obama has ordered one thousand

                                                        of the scanners at a cost of almost 3/4's of a billion dollars.



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