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                         Southwest Airlines


                                                               If you are not totally confused yet, here’s the rules that Southwest applies.


                                                               First, no penalties, nada, nope, zip!…..ya’ got to love’em.


                                                               But, no seat assignments or food, unless pretzels are considered a food group.


                                                               Baggage will not be transferred to/from Southwest to any other airline. 


                                                               No tickets are sold more than six months in advance.


                                                               No bereavement fares. But, there are seniors and youth fares, unlike almost every

                                                               other domestic carrier. These fares are in a particular class of service and are limited.

                                                               And may not necessarily be the lowest fare .....


                                                              Changes are permitted at any time and although there are no penalties,

                                                              there will be a charge if there’s a fare difference. (and you can bet there will be)


                                                              Credits are available in many cases for unused flights or if a new ticket is purchased

                                                              against the cost of an old ticket and the new value is less than the old ticket.

                                                              The credit in most cases can be applied to ticket for an individual other than yourself.

                                                              And the value is retained up to one year from the original date of purchase.

                                                              The exception is when your ticket has a 30/60/90 day limit for the return flight,

                                                              once past the allotted time period the return flight is forfeit.


                                                              Name changes to an existing ticket is not permitted, but as stated earlier, the credit from

                                                              someone else’s ticket can be applied as payment towards the purchase of a new ticket.


                                                              Southwest is totally inflexible when it comes to nonrefundable tickets.




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