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                                                               Any ticket that is a discounted coach ticket will be non-refundable. The airlines are incredibly intractable on this rule.

                                                               It literally will require the death of the ticketed passenger for the airline to even consider a refund.

                                                               Even then, a death certificate is required or all pertinent funeral home details for direct carrier verification.

                                                               (So calling Continental in a falsetto voice bemoaning your own passing won’t work!)


                                                               We have seen carriers refuse refunds for terminally ill patients…we are told:

                                                               "the customer should have known that they may be too sick to fly at that time,

                                                               and purchased a fully refundable ticket"

                                                               (This really makes you want to write your Congressman and tell him to support the airline bailout bill.)


                                                              To avoid the penalties, a standard coach ticket must be purchased.

                                                              The downside of this type of purchase is…. price.

                                                              The difference between an excursion and coach ticket can be staggering.

                                                              Occasionally, the difference can be five to ten times more than the cheapest possible ticket.





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