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                                                               (Also see…not-in-this-lifetime)

                                                               This extremely, extremely rare occurrence, since September 11th, has become virtually impossible to get.

                                                               If you can get a credit…it’s probably a fully refundable ticket anyway. The most common reasons for issuance of a

                                                               credit is a cancelled flight due to weather, equipment malfunction or the carrier has overbooked your flight.


                                                               Should you desire a credit, and the airlines are not at fault for some transgression, you’ll get better odds with the lottery.

                                                               However, should you be graced with a free ticket, please note that agents put a dollar value of around $600 on it.

                                                               So if you need to fly and your ticket is only $300 bucks or so, your voucher is better used on another day.




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