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                                                              Booking Cheaper Tickets

                                                               A discounted coach ticket (also called an excursion ticket) is any ticket which has a rule(s)

                                                               relating to advance purchase, overnight stay requirements, particular class of service booking,

                                                               day-of-the-week and/or time requirements, flight number restrictions or prospective passengers Zodiac sign.

                                                               (Those born under the sign of Capricorn, typically have more restrictions) 


                                                                Advance purchase periods are typically twenty-one, fourteen, seven and three days.

                                                                Generally, the more distant the travel date, the cheaper the ticket.


                                                                Most business travelers don’t relish the idea of spending their weekend in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

                                                                As a result, the airlines skew their tickets towards a Saturday night stay requirement for the best possible fare.

                                                                The carriers take into account in calculating a “businessman’s fare” the following factors:


                                                                ·         Lost time in the office

                                                     ·         Lost billing revenue

                                                     ·         Meals

                                                     ·         Lodging

                                                     ·         Additional car rental costs

                                                     ·         Entertainment (you do rent pay-per-view movies occasionally, don’t you?)

                                                     ·         Desire to be with their family and friends 


                                                           The more extreme the living costs in a distant city, the higher the flight cost. (i.e.. NYC vs. Little Rock)

                                                           The class of service available is critical for the lowest price. The airlines only allow a handful of

                                                           severely discounted seats on each flight. Each successive class of service has a correspondingly higher price tag.

                                                           Flights can be restricted to particular days of travel. It’s not uncommon for Fridays and Sundays to be excluded. 

                                                           Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday seems to be a popular choice for the airlines to force flyers to fly on.


                                                           Even the flight numbers can play a part in determining pricing.

                                                           Due to many airlines “being in bed” with each other, you may be ticketed with Continental, but your actual flight is with Delta.

                                                           So should Continental run a sale, they may exclude any flights that are not actually their aircraft, as their code-share

                                                           partner may have a fixed price that Continental must adhere to.

                                                           To distinguish these code-shared flights, frequently an additional number is placed before actual flight number.

                                                           (Continental flight #542 is the same as Delta flight #7542…confused yet?)


                                                           The time of day will influence some discounted tickets as well……

                                                           For example, the rules may specify only flights between the hours of 9:00 PM and 6:59 AM. (for you Vegas fans) 

                                                           It should be noted that discounted fares will probably have two or more of the previously listed requirements. 

                                                          To make things more interesting, it should be noted that currently there are more than 729 different combinable

                                                           fares to fly to Dallas from Houston!    





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