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                                                               Baggage rule changes for almost all airlines 

                                                                    Virtually all domestic airlines have changed their policies regarding the number of free pieces of luggage

                                                              you may check in upon arrival at the airport. That number is now zero.

                                                              With only a few exceptions, all domestic carriers now have fees for each and every checked bag

                                                              and we are now seeing some airlines charge for a carry-on bag. Fees for checked bags start at

                                                              around twenty-five dollars and move up according to the carrier and if you prepaid your fees on the web.

                                                              Southwest Airlines, who previously allowed up to three suitcases per person, is now allowing only two pieces for free. 

                                                              International travelers, most the most part are still allowed one suitcase, per person on all carriers. 

                                                              It's unknown how much longer this practice will continue.


                                                                   The airlines state that  (in most cases) it still costs them more in fuel than the new baggage charge.

                                                              However, the pilots claim this is a lie. Continental pilots state that a 1,700 pound load flown from

                                                              Houston to Newark only cost about an additional twenty-five dollars in fuel.  This claim is backed up

                                                              by pilots blaming the carrier for cutting their reserve fuel loads in an effort to reduce fuel costs.

                                                              The pilots flatly state in their blogs, the actual fuel costs versus specific weights over a specific distance.  

                                                              Several pilots have complained to Continental Airlines and flatly stated that in an effort to reduce fuel

                                                              cost, safety is being compromised.  In 2008, on flights from Europe to Newark, ninety-six pilots

                                                              filed "minimum fuel declarations" last year. A statement by New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez,

                                                              one of senators who received the report, says that in some cases flights approached Newark so close

                                                              to empty that they received priority landing clearance, effectively allowing them to jump the line to avoid running out of fuel. 

                                                              Truly scary stuff .........


                                                                   If you're unhappy about all the new charges the carriers are starting, write them and tell them.  Otherwise, we're all

                                                              going to be "nickled and dimed" to death by the airlines.  




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