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                                                              American Airlines ranks among the worst in industry in on-time performance, cancellations 

                                                               FORT WORTH According to this report in the Dallas Business Journal, it appears American Airlines ranks at

                                                               or near the bottom in two very important categories: on-time flights and cancellations.

                                                               According to the latest Air Travel Consumer Report, American ranked 18th out of 20 U.S. airlines in on-time performance in July,

                                                               with just 63.4% of flights departing when they were supposed to. While that's a huge improvement over the previous months' 57.9%,

                                                               it still lags behind the national average of around 70%.

                                                               Also, American came in 30th out of 32 airlines in terms of cancelling flights, with 2% of all July flights not even getting off the ground.   


                                                               (After the experiences our clients have had recently with U.S. Air, we were shocked they weren't rated as the worst.)



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