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We don't work for the airlines, we work for you!

                                                     Providing the best in travel since 1989

                                                               Agency Fees

                               We do not receive commissions from any domestic carriers and rarely from international airlines.

                                                               When the commissions were eliminated, we were forced to begin a small charge for each ticket

                                                               we issue "to keep the lights on". Our minimum charge is twenty dollars and our maximum is fifty dollars.

                                                               (even if the ticket is $5000.00).


                                                               There is never a charge for hotel, car, cruise or package bookings! 


                                                               Why pay a Travel Agent a fee, when you can book it for free on the web?


                                                               I would have to compare buying tickets through the web to reading a medical book on how to cure you

                                                              of some ailment. Practicing medicine is all a physician does day in and day out, and he is an expert on the subject.

                                                              The normal person will not get the same level of care by self medicating. The travel business is exactly the same,

                                                              as this is all we do for eight to ten hours a day. How can a consumer spending an hour on the web, compete

                                                              with decades of experience? And this is the exact reason the carriers want all travel agencies to close.


                                                              Over the almost two decades we've been providing travel assistance, we've seen the level of service the airlines

                                                              provide decline almost to a point of non-existence. Recently, when a client of ours was on a late flight out of a small town,

                                                              it was cancelled to due to mechanical issues. There were 177 passengers on that cancelled flight. But the last flight

                                                              for the day, on any carrier, only had two seats available. Our client went home that night, his other fellow 175 passengers

                                                              who purchased "on the web" got stuck in a town where the only motel had a few rooms available. Was that twenty or

                                                              thirty dollars they saved by "web booking" worth it? We deal with this problem almost every day ... and almost without

                                                              exception, those with travel agents get the problem corrected ... those who "web purchase" are the last helped by the

                                                              airlines. The carriers find it much easier to abuse those who don't know the intricate maze of airline ticket rules.

                                                              This is one of those cases where "you get what you paid for", when a problem arises.


                                                              We are the last true source of relatively unbiased information (no one is totally unbiased, of course). When we

                                                              approach a travel subject, it is from the perspective of an expert in the field and not just a consumer.




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